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Dennis John Flynn



Short Biography


Dennis John Flynn grew up in Warminster, Pa. where he was encouraged to express himself through painting.  By the age of 12 he was already being mentored by the neoclassical painter Charles Schneeweis.  When entering Tyler School of Art his works were already being influenced by Monet, for his use of color, The Hudson Valley School painters, for their use of light, Duchamp, for movement, and Pollock for freedom and order in chaos.  While in his twenties Dennis John moved to New Hope, PA, an “artist community” and painted, exhibited and laid the foundation for his unique style and perspective.  Currently his works are being defined by three (3) different categories: “Symbolic Landscape”, “Homiographic Landscape -TM ” and “Expressionistic Portraiture”.


 Symbolic Landscape: “I use landscape as a format to express the greater feelings of metaphysical awareness, much like that of experiencing the grandness of the Grand Canyon or the majesty of the Red Woods”.


Homiographic landscape: “I abstract the landscape to concentrate on color and light source and giving the viewer a sense of space rather than an actual place.


Expressionistic Portraiture: “I paint a portrait of not just what I see, but what I feel from, and for, the model.  Using complex color combinations, bold brush stokes and experimental textures, I can give a fuller expression of the subject”.



Exhibition Listings


  • BoWah Place, Warminster, Pa. July 1993
  • RAW Gallery, New Hope, Pa. May 1995
  • BA Barnspace, Buckingham, Pa. August 1998
  • Marketplace Design Center, Philadelphia, Pa. June 2002
  • ISO Boutique, Philadelphia, Pa.  October 2002
  • Marketplace Design Center, Philadelphia, Pa. December 2002
  • La Terrace, Philadelphia, Pa. January 2003
  • Marine Club, Philadelphia, Pa. June 2003
  • Key West, Philadelphia, Pa. September 2003
  • William Way Gallery space, Philadelphia Pa. June 2004
  • William Way Gallery space, Philadelphia Pa. December 2004
  • Reset Exhabition space, Philadelphia Pa. May 2005
  •, Online Gallery August 2005
  • Kellianne's,  Philadelphia Pa. November 2005
  • Rembrandt's Philadelphia Pa. December 2006


Art Studies


  • Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa. 1985
  • Philadelphia College of Textile, Philadelphia, Pa. 1986
  • Tyler School of Art, Elkins Park, Pa. 1988
  • BCCC, Newtown, Pa. 1992


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“I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.”


-Pablo Picasso





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Phone: 215-760-3099

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